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Recovery after pregnancy thanks to the innovative PelviPower ™ training

Pelvic floor training after the birth is an important preventive measure and supports the regression of the pelvic floor.

Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy and the stretching load during the birth process, a lot is demanded of the pelvic floor.

Pregnancy-related urinary incontinence can be the result. This affects your life at all times and shapes your daily routine. Stress dripping or urine leakage. The pelvic floor plays an extremely important role in this. This is exactly where the innovative PelviPower ™ training comes into play.

In a short training session, your pelvic floor is contracted up to 25,000 times by magnetic fields and thus strengthened. Its task is to tense up, relax and to generate counter pressure when the pressure increases (sneezing, …). If the pelvic floor is not well trained, it can no longer adequately support the urethra and the urinary bladder sphincter.

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Your benefits at a glance

Stress and pain free

Unfortunately, after giving birth, there is not much time for extensive exercise. PelviPower ™ is based on short and effective sessions so that it fits into the most stressful of everyday life.

Gain quality of life

Bladder weakness is a stressful side effect that forces those affected to stay near a toilet. Pelvic floor therapy will help you save time and nerves and thus regain your quality of life.

Resolution with uterine subsidence

Strong stretching loads during childbirth can lead to general pelvic floor subsidence. PelviPower ™ training is an effective addition to classic pelvic floor exercises.

What do our customers say?

“After the birth, I made my pelvic floor fit again thanks to the uncomplicated PelviPower ™ training!”

Mrs. F., 32 years

PelviPower™-training against incontinence after birth

“After the 3rd session I was able to watch a full-length movie again without having to go to the toilet!”

Alex J., 39 years

PelviPower ™-training after giving birth

“With every Pelvi session I have a lively and persistent feeling. I can fully feel and perceive my core again. My skin on my buttocks and thighs shows a positive side effect. The cellulite hasn’t completely disappeared, but I see firmer skin in my vacation photos. “

Frauke K., 32 years

PelviPower ™-training against cellulite

“After the birth of my son, I am overjoyed to have found PelviPower as a real alternative to a postgraduate course. I can plan my time myself and am not tied to a fixed date. ”

Martina S., 33 years

PelviPower training after the birth

Solve the cause instead of fighting the symptoms

The human pelvic floor:

  • The dense network of muscles, fibers, fascia and connective tissue stretches across the ischial tuberosities and lengthways from pubic bone to ischium. It is responsible for alignment of the abdomen and spine and for posture.
  • The pelvic floor carries the internal organs and ensures the reflex closure of the anus, vagina and urethra.
  • The pelvic floor is the center of our movement. Tension and relaxation control our sexual feelings and our libido.


Many people suffer from an untrained or tense pelvic floor and their quality of life is impaired.


The PelviPower training is the simple and effective way to build up and relax the pelvic floor and the surrounding muscles.


Regular training with PelviPower ™ noticeably strengthens the pelvic floor. The proverbial “power from the center” leads to more independence and quality of life. In sport, a strong pelvic floor creates stability and strength.

Reach your goal with maximum efficiency

Training duration






Period of time



PelviPower Training System

  • NEW: Premium quality and safety, globally unique, intuitive system operation
  • SIMPLE: In everyday clothing, very comfortably while sitting, 20 – 30 minutes per training unit
  • EFFECTIVE: Gentle, safe and effective

PelviPower-Training: The entire muscles of the pelvis and in the hips, buttocks and thighs are trained. A repetitive magnetic impulse stimulates and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles on a neuromuscular basis. The pelvic floor is contracted up to 25,000 times. The micromassage effect stimulates the blood circulation in the entire trunk as well as in the lower lumbar vertebrae and the metabolism.

“Magnetic field stimulation is very suitable for strengthening the core of the body. It offers an excellent depth effect for effective, neuromuscular training.”

Univ.-Prof. DDr. Winfried Mayr
Professor for Biomedical Engineering & Rehabilitation Technology at the Medical University of Vienna

What do experts say about PelviPower ™?

“The technology is mature and state-of-the-art. Owing to its versatility, the therapeutic spectrum ranges from faecal incontinence to rehabilitation after a prostatectomy. The system represents a good complementary measure in continence therapy.”

Dr. univ. med. Max Kumpfmüller

Surgeon and proctologist FMH
Surgery & Rectum Practice, St. Gallen, Switzerland

“PelviPower™ is a whole new, highly effective method. It is very comfortable and even fun!“

John Ludescher

Physiotherapist / Owner “PraxisGesundmacherei”, Röthis, Austria

“With the PelviPower™-training, it is possible for women and mothers to improve the coordination, stability and strength of pelvic floor contraction, as well as to eliminate incontinence and the symptoms of a descending pelvic floor.”

Maria Elliott

Physiotherapist, Director MEPS Clinic, London

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